We’re your partners in eliminating uncertainty

Risks surround you – in your business and in your personal life. Our mission is to help you identify them, and then apply creative solutions. We’ll work closely with you to understand your circumstances, and then find traditional and non-traditional answers from our extensive catalogs of property and casualty insurance.

With our solutions, your challenges are answered. That’s the definition of “success” at W.F. Clayton.

We can customize auto coverage specifically for your clients

At W.F. Clayton and Associates, we offer the insurance coverage options needed to craft a customized solution that’s perfect for your clients’ risks. As experts in public passenger transportation insurance, we know that each risk requires different coverages, deductibles, and limits and we have the experience to help you provide the ideal product that each risk requires. Our blend of standard and proprietary forms provides the auto liability, physical damage, and statutory coverages that your insureds need.

Umbrella coverage fills out your liability protection

Our umbrella and excess policies protect policyholders for claims in excess of the limits of their primary business automobile, general liability, and workers’ compensation policies. We have a variety of established market relationships to help provide your insureds with the excess limits appropriate for their operations. We can assist you in rounding out a crafted solution for your clients today.

W.F. Clayton and Associates has relationships with a number of industry-leading loss control service providers and access to a variety of loss control resources. W.F. Clayton can work with you to help get access to the loss control support that your insureds need. Contact us today for more information!

General Liability Coverage sets the foundation

W.F. Clayton’s commercial general liability policy protects the insured against bodily injury and property damage exposures as a result of operations, premises, products and completed operations. This protects our clients and assists them in staying compliant with contractual requirements at an affordable rate. We can help you determine the exposures unique to your insureds and find the coverage best suited to their needs.

Solutions for the complexities of workers' comp

Your state’s law dictates the benefits and compensation employers are obligated to pay an employee in the event of a work-related injury or illness. While Workers’ Compensation laws differ by state, coverage is typically compulsory, although certain small employers and types of employment may be exempt. The benefits covered by a Workers’ Compensation Policy include medical, disability, and rehabilitation benefits. If an employee dies as a result of a work-related accident, funeral benefits and death benefits are provided to the employee’s dependents. Call us today to learn more and to find out how we can help you and your insureds with their Workers’ Compensation needs!